We are certified intermediaries in the market of trade in real estates. At work, our priorities are professionalism, effectiveness, and also a high standard of customer service.

Our dedication and dilligence serve the purpose of meeting your needs. We believe that a customised approach to each and every Customer is a key to success and satisfaction.

Trust us! We are able to assist you – effectively and efficiently!


A graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Her entire career has involved being responsible for the organisational and formal aspect of the functioning of a company, and has been in the market of real estates since 2017.

She is an orderly and self-controlled person with an analytic mindset. She specialises in acquiring papers and dealing with each and every kind of official matters. Appreciated by Customers owing to efficient and comprehensive services in the aspect of all and any official matters.

She finds self-realisation as a photographer as well, finding what is best in interiors and presenting it to the world.
Fond of Italian cuisine, Scandinavian literature and cinema.

Practice license no. 24099.


A graduate of the University of Gdańsk. Since 2009, his career has been in the construction industry and in the local market of real estates.

Adam is fascinated with classical architecture, and attentively following contemporary architectural trends. Real estates are his passion and something that he understand perfectly. He makes a successful use of his technical education and experience in the career as an intermediary in trade in real estates.

What he particularly appreciates, is a customised approach to each and every Customer, and he strives to ensure the most comprehensive and professional service possible.

His asset is the ability to develop long-lasting, trust and respect-based relations with Customers and Contractors.
He has also been responsible for conducting major repairs and finishing works since the beginning of the existence of the RENOprojekt Group.

A connoisseur of fine cuisine, passionate about long talks over a glass of wine.

Practice licence number: 25686

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